Family Histories - One story at a time

As a professional Personal Historian, I help people capture their family stories. Whether I write their stories for them or show them how to write their own stories, I love saving their heritage.

Like many people, I didn’t write down stories about my parents and grandparents when I was younger. Now that they are gone, I regret not asking them the questions that really mattered. If I can help a single person understand the importance of recording their personal or family stories, or those of their ancestors and loved ones, then my omissions will not have been in vain.

Even better, if I can make the process of gathering those stories both fun and painless, then that is icing on the cake. Whether you are writing stories about your ancestors or for your descendents, enjoy the process.

Another lovely way to leave a part of yourself is to create an Ethical Will. Based on ancient traditions, an Ethical Will allows you to look at your heritage, your life, and your future, so you can pass on your words of wisdom to your family and friends. Family stories are an integral part of this legacy letter. Although an Ethical Will is a non-legal and non-financial document, for your family, it can be a priceless memento of you and your life.

Beth LaMie

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